Maria Rosarno

That is Love

da | Ott 17, 2023 | Poesia

Embrace the truth.
Do not make things more bearable in your head.
Vultures never turned into nightingales.
Allow yourself to be mad.
Release those caught feelings.
It has to come out, otherwise it will poison you.

Feel it, feel everything.
Life does not end with a broken heart.
The universe lasted with millions of broken hearts.
You can mend it.

Start valuing the essential and focus on yourself.
Next time you will meet him,
he will greet a greater version of you.
So will she, so will they.

Compassion. Have compassion.
With yourself, with those around you.
That is love.
You did the best you could with all the tools you were given by time.
So did he, so did she.
Now with grace and courtesy, leave.

Downfalls are redirections.
That is life telling you: No, not this way!
No, neither that one.
No, not that person. No, neither that one!

Keep tracing your footprints on your own unique path.
You should know by now, it will all work out perfectly for you.
It always did.
Beautiful souls recognize beautiful souls.

Do not rush.
The most beautiful flower always blossomed last.
If you have paid the prize of authenticity, of honesty, of kindness,
life will reward you.

Life will bring you peace.
A place to feel calm, secure and cherished.
That is love.