Maria Rosarno

That’s where my happiness lies

da | Feb 2, 2023 | Poesia

To reframe.
What used to be did not wither.
You did not fail.
Life is an endless evolution.
As its content.
So are you.
You were so comfortable, so devoted to your center.
Once you lost it, you felt like you had no path to follow.
But you forgot how inventive you are!
You have to be able to draw outside your lines.
Lines the old you once drew.
They were too limiting.
You are creative, a versatile creature.
You evolved too.
And now all your passion, your devotion hides in every little thing you do.
It’s tangible.
Don’t you recognize yourself in every action you take or word you speak?
I know my features.
But I don’t want to limit myself.
Don’t limit yourself.
Don’t focus on the outcome.
Notice how happy and driven you feel during the process of doing all the
things you love.
During the process of creating something.
Stay in the moment.
That’s where your happiness lies.

Il commento di Maria

Every single day I try to remind myself that the path I am walking
is more important than the result itself.
Obviously I want to achieve my goals, or at least get as close to them as possible.
I am very ambitious and determined. But since life happens and I can’t take responsibility for everything that happens around me, I have to be aware of the
fact that wether I achieve my end goal or not does not define my worth as a person.
So my advice to you is, focus on the path.
I’d love to share my poems with the world, I am my happiest when I am writing.
I’d love for everyone to hear my music, but I am my happiest when I sing my songs all by myself in my living room.
My happiness can’t depend on the outcome.
I am worthy, even if my art remains precious only to me and doesn’t get the attention of the entire world.