Maria Rosarno


da | Mag 22, 2024 | Racconto

I remember the day my life changed once and for all.
It felt like a dream back then… a dream likely to come true.
It plays in my mind so vividly and I feel dutiful to give back the light that this
woman filled me up with.

Here is my kind of fairytale…


I was a little girl back then, not because of my age but because of my
It all happened while I was enjoying my daily walk along the lake.
I saw a woman. She was surrounded by a dazzling light.
Not everyone could see it, but I could.
Somehow I have always been capable of finding something beautiful in a person.

She was a luminous presence.
She looked ethereal to me. But she was flesh and bone.
My curiosity got me closer and I watched carefully.

She bent down over the lawn and gathered something invisible from the soil.
She then held it in her hands and gave it to everyone that crossed paths with

“What are you doing?”
“I am pouring out” she replied.

She was pouring out love, compassion, empathy, acceptance,
generosity and kindness. Her hands were magic.
But where was she taking from?
The soil seemed so fertile, it never stopped generating.

“I am the soil” she said. “I am the generating soil”.

“Listen carefully : you have to dive deep, you have to revolt everything.
Like your grandfather used to hoe the ground and then plant seeds.
Revolt your ground and plant your seeds. Once your ground is flourishing,
once you will have more than enough for you, then you can start to be a

I was scared and fascinated at the same time.
I wish someone had poured out to me when I most needed it.
I made a promise to myself that day.

From then on, every day I would try to be a lighthouse for myself first and
then for everyone around me. I would pour out. Like this woman.
I would be a lighthouse.

Revolt your ground, plant new seeds and let them blossom.
Pour out, once you flourish be the lighthouse you needed.